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This Week

There’s two shoots going on in the next two days. Crazy schedule. There was originally going to be three, but the reschedule of GTFO isn’t working for this week so if all goes well that will be shooting next thursday.

JV 2 Varsity by Snacktime! music video is shooting today at an office in Red Bank in less than an hour. I just finished setting up all of the lights and now I’m just waiting for everyone else to get here to start. 

Photographic Memory, dedicated to the memory of Lincoln High, shooting tomorrow around mid-day in various areas of Ocean Township. 

Just wait, at the start of the school year, a lot of content is starting to be released. 

In The Dark. My final project from my first year at SVA. Shot on the Canon 60D, edited in Final Cut Pro, sound recorded on the Zoom H4n using a Sennheiser shotgun mic (sorry, not sure which model). My first time using most of this equipment on a production of my own, though I had worked with all of it a lot on other people’s productions before.

A comment I got a lot from actors auditioning was “Wow, you’re really dark, aren’t you?” or similar statements. Sure, I can have my moments, but I’m not really. The concept came from suddenly seeing the worst in someone, and having the thought, could everyone really be like that? Is there another side to everyone? What does it take to uncover that?

Want to hear something kind of frightening? Every thought in this, is real, and comes from somewhere. While in the writing process, I spend a lot of time researching around online, on sixbillionsecrets and similar websites, and every time Michael hears a thought, that’s coming from a real person. I barely even rewrote them.

I had not only a lot of fun filming this, creatively manipulating locations to make them look entirely different than they originally did, especially in the editing. On the set, one of my friends, also the Cinematographer on this short Alex, kept a count of how often I said “I’ll fix it in post” or otherwise referenced post-production. I forget the exact number, but a lot. I believe around 18 in just a few hours of shooting. I really like post production. 

-Tom Knight

Macabre World Productions Page Reboot

I’m not only starting to do regular weekly releases again, but I’m also rebooting the Macabre World Productions tumblr page. I started it as a new blog off of my personal account instead of as a totally separate account, which will make it much easier for me to switch back and forth between the two, and therefore I’ll be much better at updating this one. 

What to expect? Regular releases of short films, comedy, drama, basically whatever kind of film work I feel like doing at a given time. I’ll possibly start posting ones I’ve worked on as well as opposed to just ones I did myself.

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